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What You Need To Know About Couples Therapy

Couples Group Therapy provides support, encouragement and a level of accountability from other members with different perspectives and it lets you know that you’re not alone in your struggle to make a relationship work.  

My Counseling Approach 

A couple’s therapy group involves 2-3 couples. Each group completes their intakes separately, but then joins another couple or couples for 95-minute sessions (weekly or bi-weekly). First, each couples will discuss where their relationship stands, then we’ll have a group discussion, followed by a different couple being counseled in front of the others each session with occasional feedback from the group. 

Couples Per Session

These will be open group sessions where one couple might graduate and a new couple will enter. These groups require each member to sign a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement for absolute confidentiality.  Members are not allowed to share last names or any identifying information during sessions or to attempt contact with any other member outside of the session for any reason until 2-years after therapy concludes. 

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