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What You Need To Know About Couples Counseling

Sometimes couples become so entangled in deep issues that it takes a trained objective professional to sort things out. Talking to your friends or family about these issues usually only makes things much worse. If your marriage is troubled I will take a deep dive into every aspect of the relationship in order to help repair it and to put you and your partner on a path toward growth.

My Counseling Approach

The first session will involve a couple’s intake interview with both partners together. This involves 55-minutes of questions about the past and current circumstances of your relationship. It’s highly therapeutic, because the couple hears themselves provide a global picture of their circumstances in under an hour. Together we’ll identify connections and patterns during this time and avoid talking about any topic in detail because there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Additional Steps Towards Counseling

Next I will have individual intakes with each partner to get a complete history of each and their lives and their private thoughts on the relationship.  After the intakes I will only meet with the couple together and we’ll work to put your relationship on a path toward renewal and growth. Much of this involves mediation, compromise and change.  Our goal is not to establish blame, our goal is to move forward and to help each partner understand and sympathize with the other in a deeper way than they ever imagined. Together we’ll make an action plan for a fixed number of therapy sessions that will require a fixed amount of work from each partner.  My goal is for therapy to last under 6-months, if either partner is not working hard enough to make this happen we will discuss a readjustment or other options.  After six session I will share an honest assessment of what the couple can realistically expect from the relationship in the future.

Ready for Change? I Am Here For You.

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