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What You Need To Know About Adult Counseling

Some issues are hard to face alone and it’s good to have an intelligent, objective professional to talk to work with whose job demands 100% confidentiality. Many seek therapy because they feel: unhappy, overwhelmed, hopeless or afraid of what they might do or where they might end up. Individual counseling provides an opportunity to receive support during challenging times and to explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.  Individual counseling can help one deal with almost any troubling issue or to simply identify aspects of life where one would like to experience growth.  

My Counseling Approach

I work to inspire clients toward positive change that improves the quality of their lives. I encourage healthy decisions, reaching goals and teach skills for handling difficult situations. I educate my clients about the inner workings of their own psychology and the psychology of those around them. It’s a therapeutic journey where no problem is too big or too small, whether I’m critiquing your text messages on Hinge or explaining why you see ghosts.

Your Counseling Sessions

One of your first sessions will focus solely on gathering information, it’s called and intake interview and involves 55 -minutes of questions about your past and your current circumstances.  The intake interview is highly therapeutic, because the client hears themselves provide a global picture of their circumstances in under an hour. The client and I usually identify connections and patterns during this time, however we avoid talking about any topic in detail because there’s a lot of ground to cover.  I often postpone the intake interview until the second visit so we can deal with immediate issues and circumstances first.  

Ready for Change? I Am Here For You.

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